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Ari's Journal

The Realm of Insanity

14 April
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My name is Ari and I am a LiveJournal addict.

I grew up from a very young age in Orange County in Southern California with two loving parents and a younger brother. I attended Mariposa Elementary School, Brea Junior High, and most recently, Troy High School with an International Baccalaureate diploma (go class of 2004!). I am currently at Vanderbilt University on a full scholarship where I am majoring in mathematics and computer science. I am adept in the art of the computer, the video game, and definitely not in the art of the woman. Only so much perfection to be found in one person, eh? :)

I am left handed with brown hair and brown eyes and enjoy the music of Iron Maiden, along with various other metal bands. I respond to "Ari", "Airy", "Awwii", or some variant thereof. I am generally friendly to be around and don't get easily angry. I get along with most people easily, although I hate jerks. And I hate talking about myself a lot, so I will cease here.

P.S. My name means lion.

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