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News [Feb. 19th, 2008|12:52 am]
[mood |chipperchipper]

Wow, I can't believe this is my final semester at Vanderbilt! Where did all the time go?

I'm also sorry I haven't updated my journal in freakin' forever. I want to get back into the habit of updating because how else am I going to remember my thoughts during these periods of my life as anything other than a blur if I don't update my nice stream of consciousness blog using lots of run on sentences.

I also find it amusing how the top reason people visit my website (ariwilson.com) is because they did a search for a piece of software that doesn't exist other than as a set of specs and a few technical diagrams I have on my computer :).

So what's new? Uh, what's not new?
  • Got a beautiful blue Honda Civic thanks to the generosity of my grandmother. Drove it cross country twice and up to Chicago and back once. How did I put 10k miles on it in a year?
  • Did some research last summer on garbage collection. Met some awesome people, had a great time at HMC. Almost makes me wish I had gone there. Certainly a humbling experience seeing how many people know their shit cold.
  • Took a bunch of graduate classes at Vanderbilt. Passed Spinrad's algorithms class. Stressed a hell of a lot the last three semesters. Worked half-heartedly on my MS thesis.
  • Applied to graduate school. Didn't get quite the GRE scores I wanted. I guess more review other than reading a practice test the day before would have helped. Got into UCLA's CS PhD program. Decided I didn't want to go to grad school immediately.
  • Applied to jobs. Interviewed on campus with Echostar, National Instruments. Visited National Instruments HQ in Austin, TX. Had a great time, got a job offer. Also had two phone interviews with Google. This semester, I had my on site with Google in Santa Monica as well as an on site at Microsoft. Got job offers at both, decided to work at Google: it's closer to home.
So anyway, I've got a job and thus I'll be back in California this summer and next year (probably from then on, too: the South isn't that great). I'll probably be going to Europe this summer in June, probably first on one of those packaged tour type things (17 days). Maybe I'll get a chance to ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad with Li too :).

Anyway, I wanna know how my friends are doing in their lives as we all approach the end of college. Is everyone taking a job or going on for more school? Leave some comments folks!

[User Picture]From: peppermintoreo
2008-02-19 07:59 am (UTC)
Wowz, Ari. Long time no FREAKING SEE. I thought the South swallowed you whole, but I guess you're in one piece. Go working for Google! You have to let me into the secrets, okay? The secrets that I can understand...like the awesome food, coffee, and the exercise balls you'll get to sit on.

What's going on with me, you ask...wells...

I'm on my last semester at CSUF, majoring in Political Science. How did that happen, you ask, since you are a year ahead of me? Chalk it up to those AP classes. I was planning to stay on for another year of school until I decided that I'm ready to move beyond the Orange Curtain and get some real, practical experience in politics and see more of the United States and/or the WORLD.

Last spring through summer, I interned at the Nixon Library. Summer was particularly exciting. The private Nixon Foundation relinquished its control of the Library and it became part of the National Archives and Records Administration's system of presidential libraries.

Right now, I'm holding three jobs. One to coordinate a joint conference between the Nixon Library and CSUF studying Nixon and his Southern California roots, another coordinating the International Community Scholars program, and a third as a barista at the school coffee place (ironically, this is the highest paying and consistent job I've had so far).

I made the decision to graduate early too late to make it to fall admissions, so I'm putting off graduate school for about a year. This summer, however, I'm planning to intern to Washington, DC. So far have applied at the EU Delegation--but in March will go on to apply for more think tanks/government agencies dealing with foreign policy or national security. I'm rather excited over this.

After the internship, I'm hoping to get a job. I'm going to circulate my resume while I'm in Washington to see if there are any takers. I'm planning to work for a year to get some money saved up before I get into the grad school business.

3 years of higher education and I still don't know what I would like to specialize in. Most of my undergrad has focused on domestic policy/issues, so I'm trying to balance that out with classes in foreign policy and international relations. Otherwise, I'm just ready to experience some life outside of the OC...I still haven't moved out of my house, and I AM SO READY for my life to start on my own terms.

Anyway, I'm really glad you're going to be back in OC, Ari Wilson!
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